Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Making a House a Home


Making a House a Home

Well, hello there online neighbor!  Fancy meeting you here, come on over and let’s enjoy some peppermint tea or a latte while you enjoy the latest news.  You love coffee talk.  You love making a house a home and realize that Nana really did know a thing or two about homemaking and stretching a dollar.  You love the idea of simplicity, living within your means and sparking joy in your life.

Welcome Home!


Welcome to my house, where Mi Casa es Su Casa, (virtually that is anyway).  I’ll be delivering the good news message for you busy Moms.

Mi Casa es Su Casa, virtually image abve dining table with bread and wine


Live Frugally and Enjoy Your Home ~ You are already rich in life and love and blessings!

Living frugally and wisely while staying abreast of the best resources offered here will help you run your household more efficiently.

You treasure your family and home and sweet saying, “home is where the heart is,” is a true statement. “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  You are already rich in life and love and blessings. Let us be excellent stewards of all the resources bestowed to us, entrusted to us and our posterity.

We know that you would love the matching Dooney & Bourke wallet and purse, but what you really need right now is an apron with large pockets, a stay-at-home “uniform” to wear with some comfy Keds.  What you really need is a cyber hug!  I’m not against being trendy or spending money.  I’m just super excited about using my education and real life experience in running a household, stretching a dollar and paying cash for purchases or sometimes, even saying no, when I really want said item.

You really DO need those vintage skills to run a modern home




We know that as a busy career woman or stay at home mom that you didn’t learn all the secrets that Nana and Mother taught growing up and that you need those vintage skills to run a modern home.  We understand that being a Superwoman in today’s world is expected and demanded from an experienced and educated woman like yourself. But we also know, that multitasking can sometimes be the enemy and many times, while we aim for the best, we know that good enough will do to keep your sanity.

I know what it’s like to go from amazing career woman to brave mommy mode while the world watches and criticizes makes you feel incompetent.  I know what it is like to be disorganized, struggle balancing the budget on one-income and still try to pull something presentable to wear out of your closet for a Mother’s Night Out (MNO).  You know what it’s like to miss a MNO because your sitter cancelled on you at the last minute or that your son suddenly came down with the stomach flu as you are walking out the door.  I know how easy it is just to want to pull your hair out or shave it all off.


I also know what it feels like to be an overcomer, find balance in life and reconcile your dreams and goals with reality.  I love it wh

en a plan comes together and be a winner, not a whiner. You love it too.  Hang in there Mom. It will happen when you are ready.  You’ve got this Mom!

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