Wednesday, August 19, 2020

You Need a Budget Now!!


                    You Need a Budget Now!!



1 Amazing Tool X 4 Genius Rules =

Why You Need a Budget Now!!

Sigh… Budget the dreaded word in most households today.  This one word evokes pain, sadness, and guilt. Or does it?  You don’t have to be held captive by F E A R of your F I N A N C E S anymore… First and foremost, You NEED an amazing budget tool to help you.  You NEED budget rules to help you…

An Amazing Budget Tool!

Enter YNAB or “You Need A Budget.”   YNAB is a popular and amazing online budget tool and platform for you to become a BUDGET MASTER! Master your own destiny today with YNAB’s mobile app.   Another way to find out more about YNAB is on their Facebook page here.  This app allows you to check your expenses on the go and keep you and your spouse on track and on the same page of your financial goals.

YNAB has four genius main Rules for you to follow:

  1. Rule One – Give Every Dollar A Job
  2. Rule Two – Embrace Your True Expenses
  3. Rule Three – Roll With the Punches
  4. Rule Four – Age Your Money

This Amazing Budget Tool Helps Me to Rule my World

I started using the “Classic YNAB” tool about a year ago.  Of course it took me a good three hours to enter EVERY SINGLE BUDGET LINE ITEM.  Just that action item alone will make you not want to spend any money!  Seriously, money is no laughing matter!  No doubt, that not having enough money planned to pay your bills or being charged $35 bank overdraft fees is enough to make you cry.  YOU can do this budget thing!  YOU can learn to live within your means.  Look to your financial future with hope!  But — you know there is always a catch — YOU must be proactive DAILY.  You must monitor your finances CONSTANTLY!  Just last week I averted two $35 bank fees.  Why?  Because I logged into my bank account and saw the *pending* bank transactions.  All things considered, I was able to transfer money from my savings account to cover the needed amounts.  YAY!  Score!!  Double Score!! 


My usual daily routine is to check my bank balances first thing in the morning.  However, last week I was in the midst of 3 kids having the 24-hour stomach bug. The 24-hour bug x 3 kids = at least 7 days of cleaning and carpet shampooing.  Well, you get the picture.  Nevertheless,  because my mind was on these sweet children, I lost track of time and routines and life.  So, by the time Saturday rolled around, I thought my hubby was late for work.  Yet, it was Saturday NOT Friday.  My point is, I normally check my all of my bank accounts for any activity.  I forgot.  Life happened.  LIFE could have cost me if I was not paying attention.  You know mishaps cost you money all.the.time!

For this reason, I suggest that you ensure that your financial house is in order.  The latest YNAB version offers a free 34-day trial, then it is about $5/month.  What another fee?  I was a little salty about paying the $5/mth fee at first.  Then I realized that this online tool, pays for itself, by giving me real-time information at the click of my fingertips.  You KNOW Need a Budget NOW.  Like, yesterday!  Check it out.  It *may help you to* Save your financial future.  Did you catch my monetary play-on-words there?  You can bank on it that my humor is priceless.  I guarantee it  ;0)



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