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15 Super Easy Wardrobe Items for Busy Moms


15 Super Easy Wardrobe Items for Busy Moms


Your life is already super busy.  Now you need super easy wardrobe items as a busy mom to help simplify your life.  Look in your closet, I bet you already own these 15 super easy wardrobe items!  As a former flight attendant with continental airlines, I loved the ease of wearing my navy-blue uniform every day.  I never had to think about what I wanted to wear other than did I want to wear my dress uniform or my slacks with Blazer uniform?  When I packed my suitcase for my three-day layovers I would simply pack a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt a dressy shirt, a pair of tennis shoes and always my bathing suit because you never knew where you’re going to go.

These days as a busy mom of three young children I still employ the concept of wearing a daily uniform.  Although these days my uniform consist of my Clark’s leather brown clogs leggings, a skirt comfortable long-sleeved cotton shirt and an apron.  For those of you who’ve never used an apron in their daily round as a homemaker, I encourage you to buy an apron ASAP just for the use of pockets double pockets.

Buy an apron ASAP just for the use of double pockets.

My trusty apron holds my cell phone, the house phone, a pen, a dishtowel, and any small trinkets that I find while in cleaning up around the house.  However, every occasionally, it is necessary to go out into the real world which out my apron.

Your Classic “Basics”

The following items I have found are the basic 15 items that every busy stay-at-home mom should have in her wardrobe arsenal:

  1. a denim shirt
  2. a long denim skirt
  3. a denim jacket
  4. a midi or maxi skirt
  5. a camisole
  6. a dressy blouse
  7. solid color sweater or poncho
  8. an easy wrap dress in a solid color or a second wrap dress in a print pattern
  9. black and or brown leggings to wear under your skirt or wrap dress
  10. scarf
  11. basic black pumps or shoe with a slight heal for special occasions
  12. tall boots and/or ankle boots in both black and brown service versatility
  13. tennis shoes for working out
  14. sandals for the summer
  15. lace up house shoes


As a stay-at-home you tend to do the basic daily routine, day-in and day-out (playing with the kids, washing dishes, grocery shopping, etc.) These actions require constant reaching up and bending over or squatting down. You will find that these actions are easier to do and more comfortable while wearing breathable cotton fabrics, that wash and wear well and easily, day after day. While I used to wear jeans and t-shirt as my uniform, I always felt underdressed and drab.  I noticed that when I went out in public, I was always treated nicer, with more respect, by both women and men (but especially men), when wore modest feminine attire.  Folks would hold the door open for me, ask if I needed help pushing the grocery cart to the van, and just plain, good old-fashioned etiquette.

When you were leggings under a long skirt, you will find that in the winter your looks are warmer and in the warmer months, your legs are not rubbing against each other.  Wearing these items, you can bend down to pick up your toddler in the park without the wind blowing up your short skirt in the breeze, or you will find that you have more breathing room in your tummy area without your jeans or pants being so restricting.  Wearing a skirt gives you more freedom to move about, well more freely.

If you don’t have a long cotton skirt, find an inexpensive one online or at the thrift store, pair it with a pair of leggings or tights, add a camisole underneath your denim top (you can turn the camisole backwards so that it is higher in the chest and shows less cleavage and keeps you warmer too) and top it off with a pretty scarf, add in comfy shoes and you are ready for business or pleasure or both. Walla! Boom. Done, hit the Easy button and move on with your day.

My favorite resources for shopping and keeping a simple, chic and super easy wardrobe are: (be sure to sign up for the paid Amazon Prime membership with free 2day shipping, it is totally worth the annual fee of about $99.)

ThreadUp or your local thrift store

Ross/Marshalls/TJ Max


What are your favorite super easy wardrobe items you wear as a busy mom?

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