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The Journey Home, from Anglican to Catholic


The Journey Home, from Anglican to Catholic


In January 2012, history was made to allow Anglicans and Episcopalians to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter was established to enable Anglicans and Episcopalians to enter the Church while retaining elements of their own liturgical and spiritual traditions.

Originally an Anglo-Catholic parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, St. Luke’s was the first Episcopalian parish to be received and confirmed into the Catholic Church on October 9, 2011, by the Archbishop of Washington, Donald Cardinal Wuerl. St. Luke’s fully upholds the teachings of the Church.

My Destined Journey Home, from Anglican to Catholic

I say it was my destiny to be Catholic. I was baptized at St. Luke’s on Ephinany Sunday 1975 as an Anglican. My husband Mike and I were married by Anglican priest, Fr. Ed Meeks, at Christ the King, in Towson, Maryland on May 6, 2006.  Christ the King also joined the Catholic Ordinariate in 2012. Over thirty-five years later, I was Confirmed along with Mike in the Catholic Church at St. Luke’ by Fr. Mark Lewis!



First Generation “Cradle Catholic”

Happy Baptism Day to my sweet daughter, Phoebe! Remembering the Baptism of Phoebe Marie Henderson three years ago today.  Phoebe was my first child to be Baptized in the Catholic Faith. Thank you Godparents Karen King and Randy King for the reminder and thinking of Toni Bruno and family too ;0) — thinking about friends and family at St Luke’s Ordinariate Community.


Phoebe was an answer to prayer for her older brother Paul. Who asked me in 2013 if I would have another baby, specifically a girl. My response was, “Ask your Dad and pray to God.”  The following month, Paul asked me there was a baby in my belly.  I said, “No,” but unbeknownst to me, I *was* expecting.  Mike and I kept the gender of the baby a surprise until delivery.  I had researched both boy and girl names starting with the letter “P.”  {I adore the letter “P”, can you tell?}  In my ressearch I found a special Biblical connection with the names Paul *and* Phoebe;  they were friends!  And Paul tasked Phoebe to personally deliver his Letter to the Romans! How cool is that?

Phoebe’s older brother, Paul, received his First Communion at St. Luke’s in 2013 and will be Confirmed in the Catholic Church in a couple of years. And middle child, Preston, will receive his First Communion in two years  ;0) 

WATCH: Ordinariate Choir Sings Beautiful Rendition of “If Ye Love Me”

This rendition of Thomas Tallis’ “If ye love me” performed by choir members of St. Luke’s Ordinariate Community {my home parish-yay!}.    This is the kind of liturgical music you will find at Ordinariate parishes.  Enjoy!


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